Snow days or flexible working.

Who doesn't love a snow day? 

Business owners and Directors - that's who. Or at least those ones who don't have a flexible working policy. What do you do if your staff can't get into the office to work? Do you insist that they give it a go amongst the snow and ice or do you just write off that days’ work as a bit of bad luck? 

If you haven't already then surely this time of year is a good one to consider why it's beneficial to work flexibly/agilely/whatever the phrase of the day is. You have a duty of care for your staff after all so getting them to drive into the office in potentially treacherous driving conditions can't be right but if you had a way for them to access their work from home then this would not be an issue. 

If you don't think flexible working is for your company because that is the way the world is moving and providing flexibility is highly sort after amongst potential and existing employees, then do it because it makes commercial business sense when the heavy snows arrive!

In the meantime, make sure you enjoy a bit of snow if you can whilst it lasts!

Snow days or flexible working

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