5 reasons why you should supply prompt feedback on an interview.

Behind every job search lies a real person…fairly obvious thing to say but too often at the moment that seems to be forgotten.

What does that person expect from their job search?  A new job? Yes but perhaps more realistically they expect the opportunity to try and get a new job and then some feedback to explain why they have or have not been successful. Anything less is just a little bit rude, any more is icing on the cake.

I have recently been working with an individual who has put aside time from their current job to interview twice for the same company and give them a well-researched presentation. It took 10 days to get told they did well and would be invited back for a final interview and so far 4 weeks and counting (with no further comms) without that final interview appearing.  Aside from basic rudeness here are a few thoughts to employers as to why this is a bad idea:

  1. The candidate, whose built up all these positive feelings about the job, has had them disappear in a cloud of disappointment at the lack of engagement from the potential future employer.
  2. People are more inclined to talk about negative experiences than positive. This individual who was a potential advocate of this company is now far more likely to influence others to not consider them as a future employer.
  3. It reflects on the culture of the business as a whole – you cannot be bothered to communicate what is going on to a future employee then how are you treating your current employees?
  4. Delays can happen but if you are not communicating an explanation as to what is going on then you run the likelihood that should you re visit the individual/individuals in question they will no longer be interested.
  5. These are real people who have given time, energy and commitment to you already – show them the same respect they have given you.

Not all employers do this but too many seem to be short sighted about this process, that they are essentially dealing with people’s hopes and dreams. Give them enough respect to let them know what is going on and it will come back to you many times over.

5 reasons why you should supply prompt feedback on an interview

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